What people say

"I have appreciated all of the time and efforts which my counsellor has given me. She enabled me to feel comfortable enough to speak on things which I have not told others. She has truly been an amazing counsellor."

What some of Bedfordshire Open Door young people say

Young People

“When I got here, I was lonely, I couldn’t communicate with people, I had no friends and I was unsure of whether people would accept me and if I would have a normal life. I had flashbacks and I couldn’t sleep. Open Door helped me a lot to open up and speak about my problem …I felt lighter and not carrying all the problems… that helped me a lot”  F. aged 18 from Eritrea

“It’s nice and welcoming and the staff are really nice and I like the hot chocolate”

“I would recommend Bedford Open Door to anyone – I am so glad I came here…”

“My therapist was lovely and helpful and I feel like I can manage to continue my improvement on my own as I now have all the tools.”

“Since starting counselling I have become more patient with others and myself and I feel like a stronger person.”


“I have appreciated all of the time and efforts which my counsellor has given me. She enabled me to feel comfortable enough to speak on things which I have not told others. She has truly been an amazing counsellor.”

“Counselling was great, it was a good way to cope with my exams and made me happier with my home life generally.”

“A safe place – when I talk it is going to be private. I feel comfortable. It’s made me more strong – never give up.”

“My Counsellor was amazing , the service was incredible and I feel like she gave me my life back.”

“Feeling relieved after speaking about my problems and less stressed.”

“The staff are fantastic. They supported me through the most horrible period of my life.”

“I would recommend it to others who are struggling. I’m better with social situations.”

“Helped me to make a real change to my life.”

“Before I came I was very worried and didn’t know what to do. Now more relaxed and moving forward and know how to handle problems.”

“I would absolutely recommend it to a friend.”

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What some of Bedfordshire Open Door funders say


“We have supported Bedford Open Door for many years in various ways. In addition to providing a quality service which builds resilience in young people in need they have a collaborative approach to working with others which enables them to really improve outcomes for young people. “

Lucy Bardner, Director of Community Programmes, The Harpur Trust

“The report evidenced good outcomes for the young people supported. The descriptions of the differences achieved were clear and based on an in-depth expertise understanding of the young people’s needs and how counselling support can enable them to make positive changes. The use of a range of feedback techniques, monitoring of before and after, and case studies added a great depth to the report. It was great to hear feedback from individual young people in their own words. Another strength of the report was how your organisation is evolving and adapting to changing needs and demand. This learning approach resulting in advances in support and a responsiveness nature of delivery was a real strength. It was a pleasure to read about how the counselling has enabled young people to make positive changes in their lives.”

Beth Salmon, Regional Officer, Children in Need

“We commend the service on the protocol described to assess students’ competency when working with clients under the age of 18. This is evidence of a high standard of professional practice”

BACP Accreditation Assessor, 2019 

What some of Bedfordshire Open Door counsellors say


“Having worked at YMCA for some time I have identified some areas of priority which would include continuing to develop relationships with the staff to explain the counselling process. To explore the idea of group work although at present many young people say they prefer one on one counselling. Look at doing more work surrounding drug use and reducing client usage and with survivors of domestic violence. I have to say that I am so lucky to be a part of these amazing young people lives and have the privilege to watch them grow.”

Cheryl, YMCA Counsellor

“BOD has enabled me to work with a variety of young clients experiencing very complex needs. Some of these have been Asylum Seekers. It has been very personally rewarding for me to see these clients work through their difficulties and positively manage their lives.”

Tony, Counsellor

“Bedfordshire Open Door has given me the opportunity of bringing CBT into the heart of Bedfordshire – it is a caring, and forward thinking organisation with the best interest of their counsellors/therapists and young people at the very centre of their work”

Olly, Counsellor

“As we all know we have faced, and are still facing, very uncertain and unsettling times at the moment due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  BOD adapted its way of working and has continued to offer a service to young people throughout these challenging times. I feel even more privileged and proud to be part of this amazing team!”

Sarah, Counsellor

“My experience of working at BOD as a student counsellor and qualified counsellor has been awesome. The nurture and training I have received has been excellent. The environment has been lovely to work in along with feeling welcomed and supported by staff and clients. BOD has given me training opportunities along with reflective supervision and I feel privileged to be apart of BOD”

Mark, Counsellor

“Being on student placement at Bedford Open Door, as part of my Level 4 Counselling Diploma, is fantastic. I feel supported in my client work by the whole team, I benefit greatly from the wide range of CPD opportunities available and overall it is a privilege to work within an organisation that puts young people’s wellbeing first.”

Helen, Student Counsellor

What some of the trustees have said


“Over an 8 year association, I have gained enormous satisfaction in supporting a group of people, mainly volunteers, who demonstrate so much  professionalism, dedication  and care in their daily efforts to support the mental health of young people of our County. The way they have reacted to the Covid-19 crisis and developed services to maintain support, has been truly remarkable”.

Steve Gardner, Trustee

“BOD is such a friendly organisation – it’s great to be involved. I am proud to be part of such a vital service providing life changing support to young people completely free of charge.”

Victoria, Trustee

“I have been involved with Bedfordshire Open Door for over twenty years, firstly as a counsellor and recently as a Trustee and have watched BOD grow from a small organisation to the large one it is now. The support that is given to the clients is second to none and very impressive. Young people can come to BOD with any issue and be confident that they will be supported and helped, and I anticipate that the organisation will continue growing so that more can come through the door. I am proud to have been involved with BOD and been able to watch it develop into the amazing facility it is now. At times young people, as everyone, need extra support and they can be assured that at BOD they will get this. An amazing organisation.”

Vivien, Trustee