Our Services

We offer a blended service including face to face, online and telephone counselling.

We offer free and confidential counselling to people aged 13 – 25 years of age

Our Services

Face to Face Counselling

Counselling sessions take place in person with your counsellor in one of our 7 counselling rooms at our centre. Face to face counselling is the most popular form of therapy as it gives you and your counsellor the opportunity to respond ‘in the moment’ to any emotions arising from the work. It also gives you and your counsellor the opportunity to work together creatively, using art therapy and other creative methods.

Online Counselling

Counselling sessions are held using an online webcam platform such as Zoom for example. Being able to see your counsellor means you have the benefit of face to face counselling from your computer within your own environment. This is particularly helpful for those who are not able to come into our centre. It is important you have a confidential and safe space so that your session can go ahead without interruption.

Telephone Counselling 

offers an alternative to face to face counselling and is particularly helpful for those unable to visit our centre, and for those who wish to protect their anonymity. It is important to have a safe and confidential space of your choice so that your sessions can go ahead without interruption.

Drop In

If you feel you need a one off session with one of our counsellors you can call the office and we can organise a suitable time for you to get the support you need.

Group Work

We offer a range of therapeutic group activities. Check out our news page for up to date information on what is happening and how to get involved.

Working with Unaccompanied Young Asylum Seekers

We work in partnership with local authorities and supported housing to offer a specialist counselling service for young asylum seekers. Where necessary a confidential interpreting service is provided.

School Based Counselling

We currently work in four secondary schools offering one to one counselling. If you attend one of these schools and want to access the service you can speak to your tutor or pastoral support lead

  • Bedford Academy
  • Biddenham
  • Etonbury

If you are a school professional and your school is interested in an onsite counselling service contact us and we will organise a meeting to discuss your requirements and how we can meet the needs of your students. Evidence and our experience shows that an on-site school counselling service, linked to the overall school wellbeing strategy, can be very effective in supporting the welfare of a young person, and can have a positive impact on their attendance, learning and achievement.

Community Based Counselling

We are looking to increase our delivery of counselling within local community areas. If you run a venue and would like to discuss partnership working to bring counselling to young people in your local area, please contact us.


We do not offer home visits / home based counselling.

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