Corporate partnerships

Being our Corporate Partner is so much more than raising funds! We want it to be a rewarding experience for your team and to make a real difference to local young people.

Why not make us your charity of the year?

Corporate Partnerships

Being our Corporate Partner is a rewarding experience for your team and makes a real difference to local young people.

Why not make us your charity of the year? Do a team challenge to support us? Sponsor a special event? Hold a Charity Golf Day? Sky Dive or Trek the Andes!

If your team is looking for a local charity to support, then contact us! We are happy to do a short presentation about our work with young people and to engage with your employees to discuss their ideas for exciting and innovative fundraising activities.

Why choose Bedfordshire Open Door?

  • make a positive local impact with a small charity that makes a big difference
  • support the mental health of young people
  • connect your team to the concept of wellbeing for all
  • enjoy taking part in fun and motivating fundraising activities
Nominating us as your charity of the year will make a big difference, lots of companies go for big national charities and often the smaller local organisations are overlooked. If you choose us you will directly support local young people in your area and make a lasting impact…

As a small charity we also really value the input of local professionals so it might be that your company can donate “in kind”. Your team may have specialist skills that can directly support our work such as HR expertise or designing leaflets. You may be a practical type of business that could us decorate our counselling rooms or replace furniture in our waiting room or even buy a year’s supply of hot chocolate (always popular with our young people!)

Every corporate partnership is unique and we are committed to working together with you to see how we can promote your company values and raise awareness of the positive activity your organisation is undertaking to support local young people.

Sharnbrook Hotel

“We’ve built a fantastic working relationship with the team at Bedfordshire Open Door to bring awareness and fundraising to Bedfordshire Open Door. We look forward to hosting further future events to benefit the charity and in turn the people that are supported by the charity.”  Ciro Ciampi, Manager, The Sharnbrook Hotel

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