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Bedford Open Door is a BACP Accredited Service

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What happens in a counselling session ?


Counselling takes place in the privacy of a small

room and the atmosphere is welcoming and informal.


At the first session you will talk about the things worrying you and a way forward will be discussed.


Knowing where to begin may feel awkward or even

frightening and you may find it difficult to talk or say

much during the first meeting. Your counsellor will

understand and help you through this.


Your counsellor is there to help you, not to judge

you, advise or tell you what to do and you can work at your own pace. Sometimes a single session is all that you need..


For regular weekly sessions you will see the same

counsellor each week at the same time with the aim of helping you with your issues in as short a time as possible

What happens during a counselling session?


Counselling is confidential except if you or

someone around you is at risk of being hurt or

harmed in any way.


It is very rare that a counsellor would break

confidentiality, however and if this situation ever

arose we would talk to you about it. We hope that

you would agree to any action we would take,

knowing that our main aim is to keep you, and

those close to you, safe.


All counsellors are required to have regular,

confidential supervision of their counselling work,

but you are not identified. Please ask us if you need

more information about this.


Your counsellor will set up a written contract with you which makes a commitment to offer you privacy and explains all about confidentiality and how we try to keep you safe.


It tells you about appointments and the set time and place in which you'll meet to talk and tells you what to do if you can't make an appointment.


This contract will also tell you how long each session lasts (usually up to 50 minutes) and how many sessions you and your counsellor have agreed to meet. It will also tell you that you and your counsellor will look at how you are getting along at regular intervals. This is so that you get what you need from the counselling sessions.


We like to make everything as clear as possible, but if you don't understand anything, please ask

Why is counselling different?


What you might want to gain from your time with the counsellor will vary according to what you need.


You might want to look at a specific problem, make a decision or cope with a crisis. You might have feelings of conflict or anger that you don't understand or perhaps you want to improve relationships with others.


Whatever it is, the counsellor will try to help you in ways which respect your views and where you come from, so that you can follow the way that feels right for you.

What kind of things do people talk about?